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#6: ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM-PU17-BU 10.1-Inch Netbook (Blue)

75 of 78 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!, October 4, 2010 This review is from: ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM-PU17-BU 10.1-Inch Netbook (Blue) (Personal Computers) I just got my 1015PEM on Friday. I created a USB install of Ubuntu and installed a 2GB DDR3 stick of RAM I had.

I’m running the latest Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick 64 bit beta, and it’s fantastic! Everything works buttery smooth and is working right off (for those of you also using Ubuntu/Linux, the wireless drivers use the Broadcom STA drivers, just install via ethernet connection at first)

The keys and palmrests of smooth, not shiny, and extra comfortable to type on. I transitioned from a full-sized Mac keyboard to this little guy and had no problems adjusting.

The speakers are LOUD at full volume, for such a little thing. Far outshine my Acer 3810t with ‘Dolby Experience’.

The power supply is superbly small.

I’ve been able to watch hulu, etc, just fine.

Last but not least, youtube 720p flash is a little jittery, but some updates in the future may fix this (this is after all, linux. Flash runs MUCH faster in Windows). Given that, there’s really no need for 720p as the screen’s resolution maxes out at 1024 by 600, so 480p looks (and works) just fine.

Finally, the battery life is outstanding šŸ™‚

No regrets!

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42 of 42 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars Another fine Asus Netbook, October 21, 2010 I purchased this unit and immediately loaded it with 2GB of ram, Windows 7 Professional, Office 2010, and Itunes. I also tethered it to my Droid X cell phone via usb and Bluetooth so I can surf while on the go. I’m loving this machine right now. It’s much more portable than my work laptop. I have used it everywhere including the waiting room at my doctor’s office and while waiting to get my car serviced. I’m able to run the following with no problems at all: Hulu, Netflix, Slingbox Streaming, NBA.com streaming, CBS.com streaming, Sunday Night Football, and more.

FYI, I’m using this memory I found on Amazon:
I’ve read that the newer Asus models can be picky about which memory will work with them.

I haven’t tried to run HD video or any games yet but I’ll post an update when I do. Let me know if there are some games or media you want me to try.

The only bummer is that once you upgrade the memory and the OS, the costs gets closer to that of a laptop with a lot more performance and features. The deal maker however is the epic battery life with this netbook. I get around 8 hours with everything turned on (i.e. Bluetooth, and wifi). My work laptop gets about three hours. lol

Don’t consider the cheap netbooks! I’ve used a lot of them. The dual processor 1015pem is the one to get!

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35 of 37 people found the following review helpful: 4.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 stars – solid little machine, October 12, 2010 I’ve been in the market for a netbook, decided to bite the bullet when these became available with the N550 dual core processor. This is my first netbook and only experience with one, so take my review for what it’s worth. Had it a few days before I upgraded to 2gb (no questions asked, absolute must) and immediately upgraded the BIOS after setup and running.

Nice little compact size. Relatively thin and not too heavy. The black matte has a rather odd hue, it seems almost having a blueish tint, which I thought was rather peculiar. It attracts finger prints more than I thought it would, maybe not as much as a gloss finish, but they do show up.

Screen seems alright, didn’t notice any dead pixels. There is some bloatware, but not an excessive amount. I removed the majority of it including most of the asus add-ons. The key board takes a little getting used to as I’m accustom to a full size standard board and this lay out has a few different things about it. Overall it dosen’t seem difficult to use. Mine appears to have a little flex around the G and H keys. With that is a tap-tap-tap-tap-thud-tap-tap when striking the H key. I find this to be a little annoying, along with distracting, hence demotion from a perfect 5 — maybe I’m a little harsh, but I was disappointed in the fact.

Haven’t really put the battery to test as this sits on my couch and AC power is always within reach. Have had no wireless issues, holds signal well and haven’t dropped a connection from my linksys router. It does seem to get pretty warm after some use while on your lap, and the fan is a little louder than I expected it to be when spooled up. The heat and fan noise are side notes, and not enough to dock any overall points. Maybe it’s actually cool and quiet for its class, like I said, this is my first netbook.

The touch pad responds well and feels pretty intuitive. I don’t care for touch pads, but find this one is easy enough. The mouse button click could be a little softer to use but I prefer tapping the mouse pad for clicking anyway. Apparently there is suppose to be some “pinch” type zooming with the touch pad. It doesn’t appear to work, or maybe I unistalled the software that supports it, or maybe I just don’t really know how to make it work. For some reason, the thought of it actually working, doesn’t motivate me enough to figure it out.

Webcam works fine, gets the job done. Picture is clear from the other side, so I’ve been told, and the mic picks up well enough. The speakers are pretty decent for what they are. Its not gonna throw your party, but if three’s a crowd, it can provide ample background music.

Overall the more I use it the more I really like it. Super handy for internet conveniences and very portable. My only let downs are: the keyboard issue, windows 7 is pretty limited, but really it does everything these machines are intended to do. I feel at this price point it should come with 2 gb installed. +$400 after the ram upgrade and throw another +$80 bucks for real Windows 7 upgrade and you’re approaching full size laptop pricing.

Really I am satisfied with it being a netbook, and would recommend it to anybody shopping around for one. It was some adjustment going from my desktop (i7 920/6gb ram/win 7 pro 64) and then jumping into this little guy. When I remind myself that its only a netbook, I’m pretty happy with it.

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