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Where can i get the cheapest desk top computer, that i can play Eve online & World of Warcraft?

Where can i get the cheapest desk top computer, that i can play Eve online & World of Warcraft?
If you know anywhere online please link it. or a place that sells new or even used computers that have a good graphic card I can play these games on. Also i am open to building my own computer. I do not have much money, oh wait I don’t have any lol. I just need to know the price so i can get up to it. if you have any additional information please add.

Thank you.

Answer by Patrick
You can easiely buy parts and build a gaming PC that will support both those games… If you go to newegg and do reasearch on your own you can save alot of money, I mean alot, a well educated consumer is very lethal. If you catch the right deals hopping between Newegg.com, amazon.com, and Tigerdirect.com. I would suggest Going with a AMD processor and ATI vid card, they are generally inexpensive compared to Intel processors and Nvidia vid cards.

I’d give more help if I had more time right now.

Ok… an update

CPU/Motherboard combo $ 101

RAM $ 98, $ 78 after mail in rebate

Hard Drive $ 70

Vid card $ 45, $ 25 after mail in rebate
Dont be fooled by this card’s price, its a little stomper and it’ll run those games at max or near max settings (I play wow maxed on that card)

Case and PSU $ 20 and $ 30
(Case)http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811147110 (Sold out atm)

Optical Drive $ 25

$ 398 without sending the rebates in
$ 358 with the rebates received

Now if you dont have a monitor for budget Gaming I’d go with a min of 17″ but that pushing it for me.. I like big monitors but this ASUS 19″ is fairly cheap and has good specs… and ASUS is solid.

Hope this helps, I almost want to get that monitor for myself as my second, to replace my old 19″ Chimai…lol

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  1. toxicrat2
    January 3, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    get everything from newegg, look for combo deals, you are looking at 600 dollars to max those games. AMD phenom dual core (or a tri-core if you can afford) is enough for that, get at least a 4850 graphics card by ati, get a cheap am3 mobo and a 500+W PSU. Get a cheaper case to save money. 4gb of DDR3 RAM is sufficient, HDD whatever size you need, get a cheap DVD-RW (but not lite-on)

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