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What is the best notebook computer to buy?

What is the best notebook computer to buy?
I took my old laptop in to Best Buy today because it had stopped booting. It is a few years old and they said it is more cost efficeient to buy a new one than to put money into the old one. So, now i’m trying to choose a new notebook computer. I am a teacher but this is my home computer. I want it for music, picture and video playing and editing, School related things (word processing, powerpoint) and internet as well as my financial records etc. I do not want a Mac because it will not be compatible with my computers at school. Any suggestions? What should I be looking for?

Answer by Sol
I would still recommend a Mac, as it can run Windows too, which eliminates any compatibility problems.

Music: iTunes
Photos and Movies(playing and editing): iPhoto, DVD Player, iMovie
Word Processing can be taken care of with; Micorsoft Works (Mac or Windows), iWork (includes Keynote, presentation application that has been supported by many people and touted by many to be better than Powerpoint, and Pages, a very good graphics word processor), or bundled word processor in the OS.

A MacBook (ranging from $ 1100-$ 1600 mainstream) is a (in my opinion) very good laptop for your needs. It has a more than capable speed, good capacity hard drive, etc.

However, in order to run Windows, you must buy a separate copy of it (available at Best Buy) and download Boot Camp from Apple’s Website.

Do you have a budget for a laptop? That could be (*sarcasm*) helpful to prescribe a laptop. Hope that helped.

P.S. If you don’t get a Mac, do yourself a favor and don’t get a laptop under $ 600. Their lifespan is very short and you’ll find yourself looking for a new machine in less than five years.

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