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i'm looking for the best computer deal i can find!!! HELP!!!?

i’m looking for the best computer deal i can find!!! HELP!!!?
i am looking to purchase a new computer and my limit for the tower is about $ 1000. i want the best deal i can get. my minimum req’s are as follows: quad-core, 6gb ram, 500gb hard drive, 1gb video card, 22x DVD-burner, on board video is fine, also on board LAN is OK, 8 usb ports, SD card reader, custom ordering online is cool too. i know this seems a lot but i am looking for others opinions. Intel or amd? i7? please help…i greatly appreciate all suggestions and opinions thank you!

Answer by Socialite♥Princess
you’re best off going into a Best Buy or something rather than buying it online because i bought a nice computer on the HP website for $ 825/+shipping, went into a Best Buy && they had THE SAME computer with a printer and mouse INCLUDED for only $ 700/-shipping!

i wasted alot of money buying it online!

if u want it like SUPERR personalized then yeah u would have to buy it online anyways..

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  1. kawasaki
    January 7, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    if i was you i would think about building a computer.you could save allot of money and have a very good computer.when you buy a name brand computer(dell-hp-EMachines and so on)you are not getting the best of parts.all those companies are looking for the cheapest parts and the best deals they can find to build there computers so the can make more money.so in another word lets say you buy a computer form a Company and you pay $ 800 dollars.you could build the same thing for around $ 500 dollars or less.when i first got into computers (80s) i would buy dell and compaq.then i grew up and realized it was cheaper and i could build a better computer then they could for the same price.i have built over 100 computers for friends and family and of course mine and i will never go back to the overpriced name brand computers.

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