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What are some GOOD CHEAP gaming computers?

What are some GOOD CHEAP gaming computers?
i need a good cheap gaming computer!!!!! any ideas?? please leave a link to where i can go and research it! thanks!

Answer by Melv H
The most important thing for a gaming computer is the graphics chip, so you need a good one. This chart compares the performance of many common graphics chips. Gaming performance would be pretty good for any GPU appearing in the top 85 or so on that list.


You don’t need the world’s most powerful CPU to run games –you don’t need a super expensive CPU, or a quad core –but you do need a CPU that supports your graphics chip sufficiently, one that’s fast enough to run the graphics chip at something near it’s full performance, without presenting a major bottleneck.

Among newer CPUs, the Intel dual core i3 and i5 processors are very good for gaming. Any CPU appearing in the top 55 or so on this list should be good for gaming.


So, for example, here’s an Acer with a Radeon 5650 GPU (number 43 on the graphics card list), and a i5-430M (2.26GHz) CPU (number 38 on the processors list), for $ 800. I normally wouldn’t recommend Acer laptops, but for that price range, the specs are very good –it would undoubtedly run games.


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